Mark Bagley

Mark Bagley is best known as an artist of Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, All New X-Men, Scarlet Spider, and Avengers Assemble. He is also known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Justice League of America, Batman, Brilliant, The Pulse, Ultimate End, Trinity, Alias, Astonishing Spider-Man, Brightest Day, Captain America, Daredevil, Iron Man, Mighty Avengers, Nightmask, Original Sin, Strikeforce: Morituri, Ultimate Fallout, Venom: Lethal Protector, Web of Spider-Man, Visionaries, and much more!

Mark Bagley will be appearing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Louisville Supercon.

All personalized autographs are free. $10 per non personalized autograph. $20 for autographs on graded comics.

Head Shots: $100, Torso: $200, Full Figure: $300. Prints $20 or 3 for $50

Mark Bagley will take part in Q&A’s and Panels that are open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Louisville Supercon.