Did you know that everything and everyone around you, including yourself, are made up of energy? Some people understand this reality better than others. These people are naturally in tune with the energy of the universe and are gifted to be energy mediums.

So, what is an energy medium? An energy medium is a person who understands the flow of energy and is in touch with his highly developed intuition and senses. This allows him to help other people heal and overcome the obstacles in their life. Hence, it is undoubtedly a sacred calling. If you are wondering whether you have this sacred calling, read this article to know the signs that you’re meant to be an energy medium:

Energy Mediums

Energy Mediums Can Easily Spot Lies

Those who are gifted to be energy mediums are extremely skilled at spotting lies. Their intuition and gut will let them know whether the other person is being authentic or not. This also means that energy mediums understand human nature better.

However, keep in mind that this is not an academic or intellectual understanding they have, but only a felt sense. If you have this ability, then you are definitely meant to be an energy medium.

Energy Mediums See Strange Colors and Shapes

One of the things that many energy mediums have in common is that they tend to see strange colors and shapes on a regular basis. It is also common to hear energy mediums say that they tend to hear all sorts of celestial sounds. Hence, energy mediums have highly refined senses, and this helps them pick up on details that other people may not be able to pick up so easily.

Energy Mediums Have Rich Paranormal Experiences

It is not uncommon for energy mediums to talk to ghosts, spirits, and dead people from the spirit world. They are in touch with this level of reality in ways that our limited minds cannot fully grasp or understand, allowing them access to valuable information.

Energy Mediums Have Vivid Dreams

Most energy mediums are skilled at interpreting the dreams of their clients. This is because they experience vivid dreams on a regular basis and understand the dream world far better than the average person.

They know how to interpret the various symbols and themes in the dreams, and they help their clients understand how their dreams contain many profound answers to their life problems.

Energy Mediums Usually Have Gifted Family Members

They say that such gifts are usually passed on from generation to generation in the family. If one of your parents or grandparents had these kinds of unique abilities, then it is very likely that you may have inherited them. Hence, you will need to learn how to harness this energy and use it for good.

All in All

These are some of the strongest signs or indications that you are meant to be an energy medium. However, keep in mind that being gifted isn’t enough. You will also need to train and learn the craft involved.