Stuart Sayger

Stuart Sayger is a professional illustrator who works primarily in the comic book industry. Known for his moody atmospheric art Sayger first broke into the industry as the creator of SHIVER IN THE DARK, producing the comic independently from start to finish.

Stuart Sayger will be appearing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Louisville Supercon.

Stuart Sayger will be taking commissions during the show. To order a commission, please stop by his booth at Louisville Supercon.

Stuart Sayger has drawn for comics, movies, video games, and toys for over 10 years. Current comic projects include “G.I. Joe”, “Transformers”, “Xena: Warrior Princess”, “Dejah Thoris”, and “Jeepers Creepers”. Past comic projects include: The Walking Dead, The X-files, Machette , Micronauts, Rom, plus many more! Outside of comics Stuart has produced a great deal of product art for Warner bros Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman projects including the “Man of Steel” movie. Stuart also drew two years of the “Bionicle” comic book based on the popular Lego toy line.