Josh Petersdorf


Josh Petersdorf is best known as the voice of Roadhog in the video game Overwatch. He has also voiced several characters in World of Warcraft: Legion, including Jace Darkweaver; he has also voiced Galio in League of Legends.

Josh Petersdorf will be appearing at Louisville Supercon on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Autograph on an 8×10 photo: $30

Autograph on your own item: $40

Selfie/Tableside Photo: $20

Voicemail Recording: $50

Autographs, Selfies, and Recordings with Josh Petersdorf will be available for purchase at his booth during Louisville Supercon for cash only.

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Josh Petersdorf will take part in a Q&A that will be open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Louisville Supercon.