Volunteers assist with the following aspects of the event:

Anime Viewing Room: Ready for the big screen? Well, more like the medium screen for your favorite anime! Your job here will be making sure the room sticks to schedule, watching the equipment, and to make sure no one breaks the rules.
Audio Visual (A/V): Your job here will be running the majority of the panel rooms. You will be assisting with AV Set-up for the “fandom” panels for the most part. Being able to speak up and having projector knowledge is a plus in experience points.
Celebrity Guest Relations: This is the toughest department! Volunteers do everything they can to assists guests (usually all day long.) Including autograph sessions and handling the money at their booth, keeping track of selfies and autographs, line control, keeping your celebrity on schedule, and possibly going as far as walking them to and from panels
Comic Guest Relations: Your job here will be to walk around the dealer room and check up on the comic book guests and artists. You will be assisting with booth/vending and provide breaks, along with fetching them food or drink.
Convention Operations: Can we fix it? Yes, you can! You are the Fix-It-Felix’s of the convention. Your job here will be to make sure everything runs smoothly. You are the Mover and Shakers of the con because they can go anywhere at any time.
Cosplay Info Booth & Contests: It’s a bird, it’s a plane – you’ll see what it is when you assist the attendees with signing up for the costume contest! Your job will be to help sign costumers up, control the line for prejudging, and helping backstage for the main event.
Cosplay Repair Team: Your role here will be to help a cosplayer in need! You must have basic knowledge of cosplay repair including basic sewing, wig styling, and glue gun use.
Film Festival: Roll out the red carpet because it’s the film festival! Your job under this title is to get people to attend, and to keep the films playing on schedule.
Greeter: “Welcome to Supercon!” Is what you’ll be saying in this role. Your job here will be providing people with warm greetings, and sharing information of the venue, locations, and events during the program.
Info/Disability Services: Your job here will be to assist attendee with basic needs and knowledge. This ranges from location, seating, and to knowledge of many events for them to attend over the weekend.
Kids Program: In this role, you’ll work with the kids of Supercon, and other programs involving them throughout the weekend. Educated professionals only in this position, please.
Late Night Panel ID Checking: Thou shall not pass – without your ID! Your job is to make sure no one under the age of 18 gets in to late night activities and panels.