Cos A Commotion


Cos A Commotion began as an idea from its creators Shellane and Dean Demarest. At first, it was the overwhelming reaction from Shellane’s initial cosplay convention appearance as The Walking Dead’s Michonne. When she arrived home that day, she told Dean what happened and he was curious to see what else she could do. That is when the idea of cosplaying Fish Mooney from Gotham came into mind. From there they found other cosplayers such as Dennis Cutter, Elizabeth Skye, and Alyssa Turner also setplay as other prominent Gotham characters in a custom-built New York back alley Dean built himself.

Guests can join in their authentic “setplay” to experience a fully interactive photo shoot experience with their favorite cosplay characters.

Cos A Commotion will be appearing Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of Louisville Supercon.